360 Nicosia

Nicosia 360: Nicosia's tallest building promises a new brand, a new lifestyle for the city of Nicosia. Driven by high aesthetics, refinement, uniqueness and luxury, the 360 Nicosia goes beyond just a building. 

Located in the heart of the city, the new tower rises above the city at a spectacular height of one hundred and thirty-five meters, with thirty-four floors of luxurious residences and services. 


Cyfield Development Public Ltd


April 2019


UniPave & UniPoxy Dynamic Marking by Gizet

Parking Spaces

The underground parking lot, designed in collaboration with Gizet specialists, took into account floor-to-floor and per-use signage. Each floor is signposted in traffic lanes and parking lots. This makes the parking lot more user-friendly and memorable for every user while reflecting the luxury feeling that characterizes the building in its unity


At the entrance of the building, retaining the feel of the overal design, UniPave was applied in Charcoal Gray color, fully compatible with the marbles of the interior and the carpet feel approach that was deemed necessary for residents and users of the tower.

Gizet Flooring Image Gallery

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