Aphrodite Hills by Atlantica - Kids Club

The special dedication of the Aphrodite Hills Hotel to the care of young children, has led to the complete redesign of the accommodation infrastructure for babies and children, 6 months to 12 years. 

With the support of Gizet we have created the most excellent infrastructure for the safety and entertainment of our little friends




March 2019


UniSound by Gizet

Safety & Usability

Part of the long term renovation plan, that constantly upgrades the Hotel's services, the Kids Club has been completely remodeled. In a place where children live for long hours, activities are provided ranging from cooking and scientific experiments, to painting and dance performances. A place where safety and quiet (vibration absorption) must prevail, as well as cleanliness with a system that is very easy to maintain and clean.


Gizet's UniSound has been applied with simple coloring and further enhanced with decorative designs by Gizet, to entertaining the child-like and bright mood that suits its users. 

Gizet Flooring Image Gallery

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