Park Beach Hotel

Built among pine trees and eucalyptus at the Cape of Cyprus, Park Beach Hotel spreads out over to the sea, three kilometers from Limassol Zoo, five from the Castle. 

With Gizet's support, the hotel renovated it's pool area and developed a brand new playground.  


Christoforos Moniatis




UniPlay by Gizet

New Playground

Upgrading the services it provides to its motly family clients, a separate playground was created in the grass area to provide security for users and isolation from other tenants.

3D Wale Mom

Absolutely safe monolithic floor that captures the imagination by applying a 3D mummy whale with a jet! Children can play with the element of water carefree, safe and… without stopping. Complementing the theme of the sea, the little mammal whale hangs out with a startling fisherman, a starfish and a crazy crab, all EPDM-approved material designs that comply with all REACH regulations.

Gizet Flooring Image Gallery

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