Felicita Kindergarden

One of the most renowned kindergardens in Cyprus, the first private eco kindergarden: Felicita Kindergarden is awarded for its Security Infrastructure and recognized by the International Organization O.V.D.B. and the Dutch Government.

With Gizet's support, it has made an impressive upgrade of its exterior to best meet the needs of the children it hosts.




June 2019


UniPlay, UniSound & UniPave


Complete refurbishment and remodeling of the outdoor playground, the old flooring slabs were replaced by cast UniPlay 40 in two colors. The thickness of the system was determined by the polygon of the yard. 25mm black SBR and 15mm green / blue EPDM were applied. All materials used are European origin REACH certified.

Relaxing Spaces

As part of the design of the space, a special enclosure was added for children's rest. Their beds were positioned above the UniSound 6mm, a system that helps both the necessary cleaning (as it is monolithic) and the vibration absorption, making the room even more quiet.

Pool Area

On the perimeter of the heated swimming pool UniPave was placed, in two colors to ensure slip and enjoyable use for its users. The floor allows lower temperatures than established solid floors.

Gizet Flooring Image Gallery

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