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Gizet's Monolithic Flooring Solutions



Exterior Design

POOL & Pool Area

Indoor Flooring

Featuring minimum or zero jointing, Gizet's monolithic flooring systems can enhance your architectural design, delivering unique results with outstanding parallel aesthetics

Suitable for residential and commercial spaces alike, Gizet's products provide great lifespan, easy cleanup, low maintenance costs and can support floor-heating systems. 

Outdoor Flooring

Outdoor spaces are an essential part of our Mediterranean lifestyle. Gizet can efficiently support you in designing and deploying friendly and usable spaces to enjoy with your family, friends, pets or visitors. 

With our selected variety of monolithic elements, we are able to transform your space in ways that are welcoming and reliable. 

High Demands

Gizet's outstanding experience and expertise can address the highest mechanical or design demands.

Specialized and field tested systems that can withstand water corrosion utilities such us: pools, tanks, lakes, baths, hammam, spa, saunas, etc, with direct or indirect exposure, vertical or landscape. 

Gizet offers great variety and customized deployment to meet demanding aesthetics and safety requirements, durability and low maintenance costs.

Gizet Flooring Solutions

Interior Design Flooring Solutions


Flooring Solutions Mosaic


Forged Cement System


Sound absorbing, Elastic Flooring


Resin Based Flooring System Self-leveling

Exterior Design Flooring Solutions


Artificial Grass


Cement-like Mosaic with Stone


Two Component Epoxy Resin


Mosaic Aliphatic Polyurethane Resin

Recent & Relevant Projects

The Garden House in the City

State Architecture Awards 2019

University of Cyprus

Library / Information Center "Stelios Ioannou"

Gizet Flooring Image Gallery

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